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When The Birds Stopped Singing

Safeword Theatre and Film's latest production, 'When The Birds Stopped Singing', is a powerful drama raising awareness of domestic abuse within a gay male relationship.

Safeword engaged talented professional actors and the dress rehearsal was filmed by an ex-BBC Film maker.  If you feel the content would be of value for training or awareness purposes. please let us know!

The production tells the story of Simon, a young gay man, who was smothered by his mother and rejected by his father who could not accept his son's sexuality.  Simon falls into the arms of Ben and the couple move in together.  At first the relationship was perfect.  

However it was not long before Ben began to insidiously control and abuse his vulnerable partner.  Eventually Simon fell into a state of deep depression and anxiety.  Then, one fateful day, he decided to take control of his life.

The play was staged at Wimbledon Library on the 15th February 2020, and the performance was opened by Peter Tatchell, a leading human rights activist. 

Here is the link to the trailer of our play on same sex DA

To see the full play, please visit:

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