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As a teacher Marilyn attended many courses on Child Protection and asks why none of them gave information on how to recognise “grooming” to protect children. Her three sons were victims of grooming and abuse by the Head teacher who was both Marilyn’s boss for 10 years and best friend for 17 years, therefore she has LIVED EXPERIENCE.


Marilyn was also suffered domestic abuse in her first marriage, and understands coercive control and gaslighting.


Marilyn regularly speaks to the Media, public, organisations, schools, conferences, parents and children across the UK to break the culture of silence and resistance educating people with correct, relevant and vital information to prevent child sexual abuse and tune into their instincts. 


Unafraid of speaking out, Marilyn is well known for her strong, pragmatic views. Even so, she has empathy and friendly approach which reaches out encouraging people to address the issues by raising their understanding which makes for a safer future for children and their families.

Marilyn has been involved in many TV programs such as Chrissy B Show, ‘Judges in the Dock’ with Mark Easton from BBC.  She has appeared on BBC “Songs of Praise “and is regularly involved with BBC News, Radio 5 Live, SKY news, Press and others. Marilyn was also awarded “Most inspirational Woman of the year 2017 “


Marilyn passionately believes victims need not make their childhood abuse a life sentence – with appropriate therapy and support systems they can thrive - not merely survive!


Freedom from Abuse training is now delivered in every sector across UK.

Please see our website:


Mob: 07484 541727        


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Winner of the Mayor's Pride Awards - Community Orientated Business of the Year 2018


We specialise in working alongside families who are impacted by child-parent abuse, many of whom are at risk of their child being removed by Social Services in order to safeguard their welfare. Our Family Support Workers and parenting experts work holistically with the whole family to avoid family breakdown during periods of crisis, offering additional childcare support packages when required to de-escalate complex family situations (as an additional offer). We also work with families with a multitude of other needs, as itemised in the Criteria section below.

Since 2002 we have delivered practical parenting support to families throughout Hertfordshire working with parents, grandparents, carers and foster-carers to ensure that young persons are given the best possible opportunities to develop and grow. 

We have a proven track record in Hertfordshire. Annual data collection reporting demonstrates 82% – 85% of families have stayed together, resulting in improved outcomes within the family and creating significant efficiency savings for the local authority against their placement budget. 

Also, we offer preventative family support to families who are not yet at the point of family breakdown but identify that they are moving into a period of crisis and we have an outstanding track record in preventing further escalation and breakdown.


Phone: 01992 638000  Mail:

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Andrew is a TEDx speaker whose talk, Domestic Abuse - not a gender issue, is one of the only TEDx talks to explore female perpetrated violence in the home (


He is a domestic abuse campaigner and is passionate about changing the narrative around domestic abuse, so it includes the full spectrum of abuse, including men and women as victims, the LGBTQ community, sibling abuse and teenager on parent abuse. Andrew supports male survivors of domestic abuse and alongside his charity work.


Andrew is also a leadership and performance coach ( working with business leaders from the corporate and third sectors, equipping them to get more done without getting busier or burnt out and improving personal presentation skills, so speakers inspire action through engaging delivery and content. 

Call me: 0121 420 3457 / 07760 444946

Email me:


Split The Difference is designed to step over what is fake and report what is real. We are a host to campaigns that unite voices who want to influence positive change.

We are independent, not governed by any political party cultural or society.

We will not accept any support that asks us to be biased in any way.

We choose to be real – to be free to report facts and issues that have an impact on people and the world we share.


If we make a mistake, we will report on our mistake and stand up to be counted for it. We are promoting equality for men and boys but want the same for women and girls. Our aim is for sustainable, positive societies that represent true equality.

Split The Difference believes in balanced communities we know that we all have a responsibility to each other and the environment we live in – we are all, relevant.

We work from the belief that those who govern our communities are there to serve them and as such we have expectations that they will listen and serve the needs of all genders equally.

I met Sarah by accident at drinks after a friend of mine sadly died. I was immediately struck by her passion for what she does. Which is why i was delighted to be asked to become a non executive director of The Happy Healing Hut and I'm looking forward to doing all i can to support Sarah and the team.

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