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Robert S Wells

DABS Founder & Director - Domestic Abuse Survivor - Published Author - Business Mentor - Life Coach - Passionate Public Speaker and Army Veteran.

As a former Royal Military Policeman with almost thirteen years of service, I never believed that I could become the victim of domestic abuse. However, I've since learned, through my own experiences, that ANYONE can become a victim of this terrible crime. 

I was personally targeted at work, so there was no escape from my abuser. I didn't feel that I could turn to my employer and found no help locally, for male victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse Business Support Ltd (DABS) is a business consultancy based in Fleet, Hampshire, England. DABS is not a charity but will be making charitable donations based on its yearly accounts. These donations will be divided between domestic abuse charities that help both men and women. We do not, under any circumstances, charge sufferers or survivors of domestic abuse, a fee for our services


  • To help to support and protect employees, (regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnic background) and the businesses that they work for, against the very real threat, of domestic abuse in the workplace, by:

  • Engaging with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, including the Armed Services and Police Forces, in an attempt to change how they think about and react to, domestic abuse.

  • Starting the conversation in a bid to raise awareness about domestic abuse in the workplace, through informative talks and workplace campaigns.

  • To provide employers with the tools required, to strengthen their response to workplace incidents and to support employees experiencing and perpetrating domestic abuse.

  • To encourage businesses to be proactive in the implementation of domestic abuse policies and procedures and to work closely with all appropriate staff (HR, managers, security staff).

Employers can no longer ignore the facts. Domestic abuse is spilling out of the home and into the workplace and we must move quickly, to offer support to sufferers, survivors and offenders,


Many workers and employers still believe that domestic abuse is a personal issue that is none of their business. However, the effects of domestic abuse often extend outside the home. Domestic abuse can enter the workplace when an abuser attempts to harass, stalk, threaten, or injure a victim at work. This can endanger co-workers and clients as well as victims, putting an entire workplace at risk. The implications of domestic abuse can range from reduced employee productivity to serious injuries and even death.

We also know that failing to intervene is costing businesses across the U.K. over £14 billion a year. However, just 5% of organisations have a domestic abuse policy or guidelines, to inform line managers and HR how to respond. It’s therefore hardly surprising that only 0.5% of employees experiencing domestic abuse disclose their experiences at work.


Women and men who experience domestic abuse generally suffer in silence at work.

The risk is present for all employers, regardless of the size of your organisation or the nature of your business. By doing the right thing for employees and colleagues, employers can mitigate this risk. Employers have a duty of care and a legal responsibility to all their employees. Staff should feel confident that work is a safe and supportive place to disclose issues of domestic abuse. That’s why it’s vital that employers of all sizes and across all sectors take action now to mitigate the risk.

Still not convinced that your business needs a domestic abuse policy? Then take a moment to read the story of Hairdresser Hollie Gazzard, who was only 20, when she was brutally murdered at work, in front of her colleagues and customers. MEDIA LINK

DABS helps businesses to support staff that are victims of domestic abuse. This in turn, helps your business to reduce its losses that are caused by decreased productivity, poor performance, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Unlike many other organisations offering domestic abuse advice to businesses, DABS believes that we need to support ALL sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse equally, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic background.


Health and safety laws are designed to ensure that workers have the right to  work in a safe environment where risks to health and wellbeing are considered and dealt with effectively.

There are four main areas of health  and safety legislation in the workplace relevant to domestic abuse:

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974    

Management of Health and Safety at  Work Regulations 1992   

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995   

Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996

An effective workplace policy/guidance on domestic abuse helps to ensure that employers are complying with these laws. This extends to wherever the workplace may be, including people who work from home.

DABS will assist you to review your policies and procedures to ensure you are providing a safe and supportive workplace, enabling you to respond to disclosures and making sure the policies and procedures are implemented correctly. Importantly, we also help to create safety plans for staff that are identified as "being at risk." 

The latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show that In the year ending March 2018, an estimated 2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 years, experienced domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse has now been directly linked to depression, anxiety and mental health issues. Domestic abuse sufferers and survivors are three times more likely to suffer mental health issues than those that are not abused.


Statistically, your organisation is likely to contain a large number of suffers and survivors of domestic abuse, many of whom, will be desperate to take that first, very difficult step, to getting the help that they need and DABS is here to help. you, to help them.