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The current number of individuals and/or organisations supporting the International Register and the countries that they are from. 


Show your support for all victims of domestic abuse by adding your details: HERE


The International Register forms another part of the global, "Bridging The Gap Project," which aims to change the way that we discuss and deal with, domestic abuse across the globe.

Those individuals and organisations named below, fully support all efforts to protect women and girls but also recognise that other areas of domestic abuse are being overlooked, with serious consequences for victims and their children. Victims of elder abuse, child to parent abuse and straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, able and disabled, male sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse and their children, are not receiving the recognition, care and support that they should be from Governments and global organisations. This also applies to female perpetrators, who are not even acknowledged by many organisations.


At every level and in many countries, domestic abuse services are dominated by charities supporting women and girls. Funding, helplines, laws, legislation, awareness campaigns and policing, all focus on women and girls (with the exception of recognising and supporting female perpetrators) This pushes excluded victims and their children further into the arms of their abuser. However, support for true equality and a more inclusive approach to domestic abuse services is growing and this register clearly shows that growth in support with Individuals and organisations from as far and wide as the India, the USA and Australia signing up.


By adding your details to this open list, (visible to all), you agree that you want to see your Government and International organisations such as the UN, include all victims of domestic abuse, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, ability/disability, or social and workplace position and their children, included in any legislation, law, campaign and funding, that targets domestic abuse.


Alternatively, you agree that you would be happy to see gender removed altogether from the domestic abuse conversation.


By adding your details to this list, you agree that the provision of funding should be proportionate and that no victim of domestic abuse should receive preferential treatment, simply because of their gender.

Please add your name, organisation, website (if applicable), professional qualification (if applicable) city and country. Are you a sufferer or survivor of domestic abuse, or, are you a relative of a victim? Your details will be added to the list as soon as the admin is able.


Please remember that this is an open list, visible to anyone visiting our website, so please don't add information, that you don't want to be seen. The information that you provide is added below and is not stored on any other device.


  1. Robert S Wells - Director, Domestic Abuse Business Support Ltd. A survivor of female perpetrated domestic abuse.

  2. Deborah Jenkins - Hafan Cymru, based in Wales.

  3. James Mackie - Author 

  4. Martin Hockridge - Details withheld

  5. Adriana Talaba - Therapist and independent social worker at

  6. John Allman - Details withheld

  7. Michael Strubel - Details withheld

  8. Steve Stewart - Details withheld

  9. Marilyn Hawes -

  10. Robert Flook - Details withheld

  11. Philipp Tanzer - United4Men at, Durness, Scotland. Philipp's mother was murdered by her second husband.

  12. Tammy Banks -

  13. Andrew Pain - TedX speaker and a survivor of female perpetrated domestic abuse.

  14. Lee Marks - Author of Break The Silence

  15. Michael Hall - Details withheld

  16. Jacqueline Gear -

  17. David Eggins -

  18. Spencer Hutt - Details withheld

  19. Mike Bell at Equi-Law

  20. Samantha Billingham - Survivors Of Domestic Abuse (SODA) - - Based in the Midlands, Sam is a survivor of male perpetrated domestic abuse.

  21. Daniel Tindall - Employee at The Home Office and a volunteer at Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

  22. Graham Brown - Men's Counselling at The Lincoln Counselling Centre.

  23. Aaron Bullock -

  24. Ben Carden - Woodland Champions Club - Level 4 trainee counsellor, based in Hertfordshire

  25. Dennis Gouws - Australia & USA.

  26. Miss Symiah Barnett -, based in Reading.

  27. Tammi Owen - "Heroes Rights, working with male victims and taking a whole family approach to domestic abuse. Based in Wales.

  28. Sally O'Donnell - So Training and Consulting.

  29. Garry Clarkson - BMT Film and Media C.I.C - Based in Leeds. Gary is a survivor of domestic abuse.

  30. Sally Ann Burris - Equality Campaigner & Therapist - Split The Difference CIC in Wales.

  31. Jacqui Bradley, a survivor of domestic abuse, rape, torture and coercive control. Based in the South East of England.

  32. Sally Ann Bolton RGN, RHV, BA HONS - SAB Safeguarding Training and Consultancy.

  33. Tina Hesse - Lecturer, Safeguarding Trainer, Self Love Coach and Coaching Psychology based in Jersey.

  34. Pauline Fynn - A survivor of domestic abuse. Organisation: Believe Globally CIC.

  35. Jessica Mannion - Grad Cert in Counselling and family therapy, based in Australia.

  36. Nick Mathers - UK - Further details withheld.

  37. Deb Morgan - A survivor of domestic abuse. Organisation: "Not A Rehearsal" Baes in Weston Super Mare.

  38. Nikki Williamson - A Counsellor and relative of a male domestic abuse victim. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Organisation: Grow Learn Connect.

  39. Arnaz Hathiram - Post Graduate in journalism. Organisation: Men's Day Out based in India.

  40. Karen Sticher MBA, BSc (Hons) Chartered MCIPD, London. Organisation: Elite Training European Ltd

  41. Stephen Smith - Royal Military Police domestic abuse Investigator, U.K.

  42. Jay Hopkins, a relative of a domestic abuse victim. The Hopkins Foundation, Perth, Australia.

  43. Helen Aggett, a survivor of domestic abuse based in Tidworth, England.

  44. Dawn Dines, organisation: SOS Global.

  45. Steven Stanier, organisation: "Men Only Time" a mental health and well-being service. Based in Birmingham. U.K.

  46. Quinet Enakele, based in Essex, U.K.

  47. Marilyn Selwood, IDVA/DVSM, is a survivor of male perpetrated domestic abuse. She is a Service Associate, Trainer & Consultant at Mankind Initiative.

  48. Emma Saccomani. A workplace mental health trainer based in NSW, Australia.

  49. Azelene Williams, Bachelor of social work, diploma in holistic counselling, Dip in community service work. Azelene is an author, advocate, holistic counsellor, art therapist and survivor of domestic abuse, she is based in Perth, Australia. Organisation: From Fear To Freedom.

  50. Bailey Smith, a survivor of domestic abuse/violence. Organisation: based in the USA.

  51. Paul Gladwell, the best friend of Paul Lavelle who was tragically murdered by his female partner. Organisation: The Paul Lavelle Foundation based in the U.K.

  52. Paul O'Callaghan, organisation: West Africa ENRG,

  53. Jane Upson, Theatre and Film Production Ltd, creating plays to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

  54. Susan Wright, Counsellor, Social Worker and Clinical Supervisor based in Kent.

  55. Teresa Silva, Achamedic Researcher. Ph.D in Psychology (2009). Master of Public Health (2008). Master of Arts, [Cognition, Emotion, and Stress] (2003). Master of Arts, [Clinical and Forensic Psychology] (2002). Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1999) Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (1990) Based in Sweden. Men victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

  56. Kirsten Cunningham, a military veteran and a survivor of domestic abuse, based in Queensland, Australia.

  57. Ritchie Robinson, a survivor of domestic abuse based in Wales. Organisation: UP8 Create

  58. Greg Allan, a survivor of child sexual abuse and is based in Australia.

  59. Susan Foubister, a supporter and friend to multiple victims of DA/PA. Organisation: Independent Humanist, based in Scotland.

  60. Diane Sears is a survivor of domestic abuse based in Aylesbury. Her organisation is: Transition Coaching.

  61. Tina Hesse, MAPPCP, Self Love Coach and Childhood Studies Lecturer based in Jersey.

  62. Linda Turner fights for alienated parents suffering domestic abuse and false allegations. Based in St Priest Les Fougeres, France.

  63. Ekta Viveck Verma, based in Hyderabad, India. Organisation: Invisible Scars.

  64. Julie Gibson, SIDVA, ISVA, YPVA, Safe Lives, is a survivor of domestic abuse. Based in the UK. Organisation: Victim Support.

  65. Hilary Underwood, a Lawyer based in the U.K. Organisation: Underwood Solicitors.

  66. Debi Richens, is a survivor of domestic abuse and is now an advanced grief recovery specialist based in the U.K. Supporting alienated Grandparents and other family members. Organisation: and

  67. Michael Clark, Perpetrator/survivor of mutual abuse. Oganisation: Ananias Foundation.

  68. Marie Winefield from, Oasis Domestic Abuse Charity based in the UK.

  69. "Knot A Man" Queensland Australia. Survivor of domestic abuse, sexual abuse and parental alienation

  70. Gina D Lusardi, CEO of Speak Out, Get Out, Stay Out and is a survivor of domestic abuse.

  71. Claire Jones, a bachelor of social work and master of advanced social work, based in Melbourne Australia, is a survivor of domestic abuse.

  72. Kate Tymms, based in the UK, is a survivor of male perpetrated domestic abuse.

  73. Deborah Jenkins, a survivor and support worker based in Wales with Hafan Cymru.

  74. Liana Papoutsis, a survivor and advocate based in  Australia. Organisation: Liana Papoutsis& Associates.

  75. Cathy Oddie, Family Violence Lived Experience Consultant.

  76. Emma Aslett, of Penn Chambers Solicitors, based in London.

  77. Graham Mitchell is a survivor of domestic abuse. His organisation is iChase Safety Solutions based in Redland Bay, Australia.

  78. John Paul Kastein, British Army, Specialist Welfare Worker, Salisbury, U.K.

  79. Benjamin Walker BA (Hons) FIFireE MSoA EMT, Fire Professional and domestic abuse survivor. West Midlands, UK.

  80. Luisa Rosado (other details withheld) from the UK.

  81. Peter Mark Bradford of Paris, France, is a survivor of female perpetrated domestic abuse.

  82. Paola Panina, is a survivor of child and adult domestic abuse and is based in West Sussex, England.

  83. David and Lisa Rickman, LPC, LAC, Christian Counselors, survivors of domestic abuse run "Restored Hope Counseling." Based in Colorado, USA.

  84. Caroline Abbott LLC, with a masters in counceling is a survivor of child abuse and partner abuse, author, blogger, counselor for survivors of domestic abuse based in Colorado, USA.

  85. Sarah Mancini RN (Dip), BSc (Hons), PGC, PSHEMFHT, MABNLP, is a survivor of domestic abuse and Director at The Happy Healing Hut CIC.

  86. Sarah-Marie Baumgartner,  is a registered nurse, survivor and victim advocate based in the USA. Her organisation is MAPS Project Defense.

  87.  Naomi, is a survivor of domestic abuse. Based in the USA she runs, "Break The Silence Against Domestic Abuse, an international organisation.

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