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I've set up a blog to help you to see what we at DABS are actually up to. And what a great day to start, because the Governments new domestic abuse bill has just gone through parliament and I'm delighted to say that the gendered conversation has been removed from the bill.

There has been ferocious campaigning from certain groups, to ensure that the bill was gendered. This in effect, meant that it would constantly refer to "women and girls" only. Many others like myself were opposed to this because it discourages anyone that is not a woman or girl from being recognised as a sufferer or survivor of abuse and discourages those people from coming forward to seek the help that they need.

DABS fully supports women and girls. I'm a dad to two fabulous daughters and I want to see them protected, however, we should not be looking to protect women and girls, whilst ignoring hundreds of thousands of other victims, simply because of gender.

Equality has won the day and that is a great thing. I've attached just one article showing how gender has been removed and how certain groups are not happy about it.

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