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Part 2 - Misandry at the Commission.

A huge thank you to those of you that have read, responded and commented on my last post about misandry at The Equality And Human Rights Commission.

Further to my last post, I thought that you may be interested in emails between myself and a Commission representative In July of 2019.

I wrote to the Commission via their online contact form. I was curious about the wording, that they had included with statistics that they were quoting, so I requested the source. You can see screenshots of the emails below. Unfortunately I don't have the original message but my questions are outlined in their only response.

These screenshots have not been altered in anyway.

My response is as follows:

Why did The Equality And Human Rights Commission, take the above statistic and insert the word "woman?" Was it a genuine mistake? Unfortunately, I will never know, as Kerry Wakefield (who still works at The Commission) did not respond to my email. I did resend the email twice, but never heard back.

I'm particularly taken with the statement at the bottom of the Commission's e mails. It reads:

"We’re here to stand up for freedom, compassion and justice in our changing times. We do it by promoting and upholding equality and human rights ideals and laws across England, Scotland and Wales. Our work is driven by a simple belief; if everyone gets a fair chance in life, we all thrive."

How very reassuring - unless of course, you're a male victim of domestic abuse.

For a non gendered, fully inclusive training day on domestic abuse in the workplace, please contact me at DABS - +44 (0) 7853621303.

Thanks for reading, please do leave your comments.

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