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Domestic Abuse - Safety Plan.

Andrew Pain is a TEDx Speaker, online entrepreneur, high performance coach, time mastery nerd and dad to 5 kids, He writes about: productivity, self development and overcoming domestic abuse. After writing this fabulous article:, he posed the following question.


I thought that Andrew's blog was fantastic and really nailed it, (as do all of his articles, you should check them out). But I thought I should respond in detail by publishing one of our safety plans.

I am well qualified, to advise people on how to stay safe. After leaving the Army in 1998, I spent many years running my own security business ,working as a Close Protection Officer in the UK and briefly overseas, helping to protect high net worth individuals, visiting heads of state and foreign government ministers. I have worked in many challenging environments that include working directly with clients and security teams from China, Iraqi Kurdistan, India, Russia, America, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland and members of the United Arab Emirates.

One major issue with a safety plan, is that many people who are in abusive relationships, don't realise it. Andrew Pain spoke about this in his Ted Talk ( and I certainly never considered the words "domestic abuse," when I was in an abusive relationship. As a result, people are unlikely to consider a safety plan. This is why we need to increase awareness and education around the subject of domestic abuse, in schools and workplaces.

It would be great to hear your comments and opinions on the plan below.

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