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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

The beauty of social media, is the ability to be able to spread your message globally.

Yesterday I was delighted to be interviewed (via video link,) by Rebecca L Mahan, author of "V.O.T.E, Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, a book written for Police Patrol Officers and First Responders. It's a book that I would highly recommend, whatever country your working in.

Based In Texas, USA, Rebecca is also a tv and radio host, carrying out regular interviews across all social media platforms. I was delighted that Rebecca had seen my domestic abuse posts on LinkedIn and wanted to interview me about the work that DABS was doing.

Before the introduction of social media, our paths would not have crossed, yet here we were, two people with very similar back grounds (Military and Police) connecting in an attempt to help others from different sides of the globe.

And the Army and Policing were not the only similarity. Domestic abuse is a global issue and as Rebecca and I spoke, it was clear that sufferers and survivors in the USA have very similar issues with getting support, how they are dealt with by frontline staff and a lack of support in the workplace.

.Whilst I'm committed to helping domestic abuse sufferers and survivors here in the UK. domestic abuse knows no borders. Which is why, I'm also available globally, for conference speeches, business consultation and support, and media interviews.

Thank You.

Find Rebecca's book here:

Rebecca L Mahan Author of V.O.T.E, Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events. TV and Radio host

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